We analyzed demographic trends and a possible future of work. Then we developed a social click-work-platform.

Design Disciplines
Service, Industrial, Interaction, Business

Case Study

Rest of the Team
Sabrina Montimurro
Cassandra Schmid

Bonobo is a platform for care work. We distribute individual tasks to professionals and interested locals. Those in need are better cared for, social ties are strengthened, and the professionals workload is reduced.

Our Neighbors Might Help Improving Healthcare

We've been searching for a business model, that acknowledges current trends in work culture and fits to a probable future. At the same time we stumbled on demographic trends and realized once more that the needs of elder people will be of increasing importance. Therefore we brainstormed about combining these megatrends and came up with a platform model that got alive by designing its diverse touchpoints.

UX Design meets Business

The subject was delicate. At one end elder people had to delight at using our service, at the other end we had crowdworkers to manage.

Therefore we came up with a physical device, that should be sold to registered users for less than 10 €. This was also a strategic move:  we wanted a physical presence in elder’s homes and make using our platform as easy as possible to boost clickworking-orders.

User Testing

We conducted extensive user research and testings – using various methods. After designing the first iteration we built high-fidelity-prototypes. Shadowing users behavior within specific tasks, we gained a lot of insights to iterate on our design. The scenes were analyzed in real-time in a seperate room, using a camera setup. 

Business Case

We calculated a business plan to keep track of the projects costs and potentials.

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